ingrown toenail removal richmond

We are living in the times where we have learnt to overcome almost every medical health problem. Even if we are currently fighting with this horrendous problem of corona but still we are trying our best to overcome it as well. The point we are trying to make is that fortunately we have treatment for every possible health problem be it the issue in your bones or the infection in your organs. Obviously; any problem related to health is painful and its procedure of removal can also hurt us a bit but most of the times they bring with them positive outcomes. There are many different branches of medicine in which different diseases are studied and their treatments are concluded. Then patients are treated according to those particular treatments. These branches of medicine might vary from cardiology to gynaecology. One such branch is known as orthopaedics in which the conditional and the solutions related to human joint and skeletal system are studied. In this article; we will be studying about one such procedure which is categorised under the heading of podiatry (orthopaedics) and is known as ingrown toenail removal in richmond.


We have already briefly discussed about the branch of medicine known as orthopaedic so let us now dig little deeper until we reach to the discussion of toe nail removal procedure. It is the subcategory of orthopaedics known as orthotics in which various kinds of bones or deformed joints are fixed through their alignment and fabrication. This process is carried out with the help of special tools and appliances which are known as orthosis. If the joint or bone is of feet then this problem is studied by the podiatric who have specialised in the treatment of feet and their ailments.

The procedure of ingrown toenail removal:

One of the most commonly seen conditions in the field of podiatry is the condition of ingrown toenail. Most of the times; it has been seen that the toenail grow inwards either due to any toe hit or cutting the toenail too short or not too straight. Still the reason of ingrown toenail may vary but it is an undeniable fact that it hurts the most which is why it must be treated immediately. After the examination done by the podiatric it is decided that whether operation is needed or not. If an operation is required then the process of ingrown toenail removal is carried out. In this process, your toe is numbed at first and then toenail is taken out from the scratch.


There is a branch of medicine which goes as orthopaedics that deals with the human conditions related to bones and joint. This branch has further sub categories; one of which is podiatry in which the ailments and their treatments regarding feet are concerned. The most commonly seen issue in podiatry is of ingrown toenail which must be removed through a tiny operation. “AFA podiatry” offers the best services of ingrown toenail removal.For more information on how to contact them, please click here.