So many men and women today go through this surgery. Not just celebrities but many people get this done. I mean who hates to look beautiful right?  Bangkok cosmetic surgery

Of course, a nose job is actually called rhinoplasty Thailand and there are some things you need to do before and after such surgery is done. And we are here to help you learn these things so you can gain more knowledge before the procedure. 

Before surgery, like any other Bangkok cosmetic surgery it is important to discontinue any sort of painkillers, aspirins,  vitamins and any other herbal supplements before and after 2 weeks prior to it. 

Prevent smoking. The last thing you want is get a beautiful nose done, and have to stay in bed for weeks to have t healed. If you want it to heal soon and show your beautiful face, you may want to stop smoking at least 3 weeks prior to the surgery. 

Stock up the prescripted medications beforehand and remember, since you will be breathing from your mouth a lot, your lips will be dry. So stock up sum lip balms and plenty of cool beverages to help you out. 

Find someone to help you out after the surgery, at least the first 2-4 days to get things to yourself so you will be able to take a good rest. This will also help you keep track of your medicine and help you get your meals on right time as well. 

Make sure that the doctor and you are both on the same terms as to how and what you need to be done for the nose. Don’t keep doubts or be nervous to ask, or else you will regret it later. 

If you are feeling nervous about anything at all, schedule another appointment with your doctor. Make sure to tell him about your nervousness and etc. do not under go this surgery with any sort of anxiety. 

Make sure to have a source of transportation prepared for you take after your surgery for you will not be able to drive yourself back home.  

Also, have some tops with front buttons than those that goes over your head. Because dur9ng these days, you need to make sure that everything is done comfortably. 

Like any other surgery, swelling is a symptom of healing most of the time. But it is not a great look on you, so as to reduce swelling, you may want to sleep with your head elevated. Make sure to get a couple of pillows to help you out with it. 

That’s about it. Good luck!!