Chinese herbal medication dates back to more than 2.500 years, it is a unique medical practice that was instilled in china, now due to its rates of success it has branched out to the world for the benefit of mankind. Types of medication methods include Acupuncture, Chinese massage, herbal medicine and qigong. The medication method is said to pin point the body’s natural energy to the area of problem with medical practice that cure with the help of the healing energies produced by our bodies. Below we can look at few traditional Chinese medication methods briefly

(Chinese) Herbal Acupuncture

Acupuncture perhaps is the most well-known healing practice of all Chinese herbal medication, it involves the use of needles which are placed on the pressure point in the body and left in the body for a short while. Acupuncture in the modern times is most commonly used to cure infertility by the process of fertility acupuncture. It is believed that through an acupuncture therapy sessions that people can expect a higher chance of being fertile again. It has been successful on a big scale and now practiced mostly by Chinese doctors around the globe to help many people. On the other hand, you can find fertility acupuncture in the best fertility clinic.

(Chinese) Massage

Chinese massage is the practice of using the power of your hands to control the blood flow to your whole body by massaging the target areas. Chinese medicine Melbourne assures that if the massage is done properly that it could promote good circulation of blood, and bring balance to mental health and emotions through the basic principles of yin and yang. It is said to be beneficial for healing sport injuries and other problem areas of the musculature of the body such as misalignment in posture and many other painful conditions.

(Chinese) Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine in Chinese are promoted to treat your inner body. And it is usually absorbed in several different forms such as herbal drink, pills, extracts and powders. They could also be used to treat the toxics in your body and promote the overall hormonal balance throughout the body. There are said to be thousands of medical formulas for medication, but the practitioners have to mix and match and come up with a unique formula each time to treat different conditions as best practice.

(Chinese) qigong exercise

Qigong translating to “life energy cultivation” is a practice of coordinated body movements, posture, breathing methods used for health spirituality and martial arts training, it is believed to allow one to access the higher realms of awareness and help develop human potential, qigong is now practiced throughout the globe for recreation, relaxation, preventive medicine and self-healing, this is an alternative to medicine.