Major Causes Of Shoulder Pain

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Modern life is too busy and it creates too much pressure on our mind and body. Though we may not find it too much problematic at first, but there are many problems that make us worried for our health. The load of study, work or responsibility is not only on our minds, but also on our shoulders. Often we find kids and office goers carrying heavy bags or a shopping bag may also be quite heavy at times. Some other things which are now immensely important in our lives, like cell phone and computer, are causes of shoulder pain. Most of the time, we do not care about maintaining the proper posture when working over a computer or mobile phone. These lifestyle blunders are reasons of shoulder pain. In this post, we are going to discuss about the reasons of shoulder pain so that people may avoid them for better health.

AC joint injuries:

This shoulder joint has minimal mobility and for this reason it is prone to injuries. This joint can be injured in many ways. A certain movement or fall can cause ac joint injuries. General pain, a visible bump, the loss of shoulder strength and a popping sound while moving are the symptoms of ac joint injury. Exercises are the best way to recover from such injuries. Preventive education also helps in avoiding such problems. If needed, one can go for keyhole surgery in Gold Coast.


Arthritis is the common word for joint pain. Now, there are several joints in the shoulder. Each joint needs unique treatment to heal. In which joint it may happen, it is always worsened by activities. The affected joint makes a specific area painful. The movement of shoulder gets hampered. Sleeping is also tough with shoulder arthritis. A sound may be heard when moving. All these are indicators of arthritis. These kinds of patients need rest, heat and ice treatment and proper exercise. In severe arthritis cases, surgeries are required. In medical centres where meniscus repair Gold Coast or other types of orthopedic surgeries occur, you can get the proper treatment. Opt for shoulder surgery, if needed.

Frozen shoulder:

There are many reasons for which people suffer from frozen shoulder. Patients suffering from hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, cardiac disease, diabetes and Parkinson’s disease are at risk of developing frozen shoulder. It is believed that holding the same position for long time can actually lead to frozen shoulder. People suffering from frozen shoulder complain of pain in the shoulder blades, outer shoulder area and upper arm. The pain is usually dull. The problem can be diagnosed with the X-ray process. The treatment is done for the pain and the frozen shoulder heals itself. For this kind of pain also, exercises are required.

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