Benefits Of Massage Therapy

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Massage therapy has been there for centuries. Now, different massage therapies are again getting popularity as a part of alternative treatment. From pain to stress, massage can treat and help people in a great way. There are different kinds of massage therapy like reflexology, Swedish massage, shiatsu, hot stone therapy, pregnancy massage, remedial massage Canberra, trigger point massage and lymphatic drainage. Different massage therapies use different techniques to treat and heal different conditions. In this article, we are going to talk about different benefits of massage that helps in healing many conditions.


Massage has been known to boost immunity. It boosts the number of white blood cell count which is one of the main factors in defending our physique from diseases. Individuals with HIV can also get some immunity boosting benefit from massage. One can take help of an exercise physiology expert to know more about massage and immunity and specific conditions.

Stress handling:

People dealing with mental and physical stress can try remedial therapy. This massage technique uses deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial techniques and neuromuscular facilitation to treat clients. This massage affects neurohormones, like endorphins, which make us feel good. It elevates the level of this hormone to regulate emotions and behavior. It also decreases the level of cortisol which is released when the body feels pain. This causes a mood enhancing benefits that reduce anxiety and depression while improving concentration, sleep and energy levels.

Treat muscle pain:

It is very normal practice to rub the area that has been injured and it works. This is a kind of massage therapy. In case of sore muscles, application of proper pressure and technique can reduce and even eliminate pain.

Improves sleep:

Massage is helpful for those who have troubled sleeping patterns. Patients undergoing radiation or chemo therapy can enjoy the bliss of relaxation through massage. Massage therapy helps to sleep by relaxing the body and mind.

Relieves headaches:

People suffering from tension headache suffer from lack of sleep and bitter mood. Massage can reduce the tension and severity of tension headache in patients and help them to get some relaxation.

Posture issues:

There are any people out there who work by sitting for long hours. Often we tend to maintain a wrong posture while working. In a long run, it affects our posture and this leads to many other problems.

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